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Suzanne Weathers , EA  |  Owner

“ I understand the tax code and enjoy being able to bring clarity in serving clients,” says Suzanne. “I meet most people when they feel frustrated, afraid or lost. No doubt the IRS is a huge bureaucracy to navigate alone, even for other professionals, and I provide understanding through the process. We work with individuals and businesses as unique clients. There is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach. ”

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Liz  |  Financial Assistant
Phoebe + Bill  |  Morale
Lexi  |  Intern
Shawnna  |  Administrative                        Assistant
Liza  |  Enrolled Agent
Nancy  |  Tax Professional

As an office manager with a national tax company, Suzanne Weathers successfully led a large team of tax professionals all while an active Enrolled Agent (EA). She found her passion excelling in audit representation, an arena where approximately 96 percent of licensed EAs choose not to practice.

"When I decided to open my own practice, I knew we needed to be different. I was leaving a successful position after 10 years in this field and seeking a change which had to include both a work-life balance and contribution to my community. I knew we needed to look beyond the numbers and see our community, to see individuals and individual ways to serve them."

Stepping out on her own, Weathers and her Associates now provide tax resolution and preparation services for individuals as well as being a local outsource contractor to local tax and financial services firms (CPAs, Bookkeeping, etc.). 

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“From the complimentary drop in advice I received when considering the business, to the new business seminars, I know their advice comes from knowledge and 
vast experience. I will be using them for all my accounting needs.” 

—  Marnie O'Neill-McCoy, YOLO Travel Partners

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